Promo Video
(just a few scenes from the first episode to give a feel for the show)

My Pitch

This project is a test run for a reality show that I would like to make. The idea is to take a group of strangers and have them live together while playing a single game of Diplomacy over the span of a month. Ideally, this would be a larger group of folks playing an appropriate variant of the game (I am fond of the 17-player World variant). The show would be presented like a standard reality show with dramatic ceremonies for revealing the orders each turn and private interviews conducted throughout the experience to give the viewer an honest perspective from each player.

Season 0 is my initial attempt to realize this goal. I picked up a set of security cameras and had my friends come over for a day-long game (the classic version) as a test to see if I could even pull this off. In the end I was only able to rope five people into playing on camera. So I joined the game as well and we left out Italy. Hence, Season 0: No Italy with a cash prize of $100 to the winner!

All this is to say that no one was behind the camera so many of the shots are rough. However, given the constraints, I'm pleased with the product, and I hope that my vision for the show comes through enough to interest people in what this project could become even if this particular version is a bit lacking. And, of course, if you are into the idea of watching a show like this or even being involved in its production, then please send me an email!

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